Veracity 2.0 Release Notes

Veracity 2.0 is now available for download.

This release includes many performance and stability improvements in the open source core. We're also pleased to announce the launch of our Veracity hosting service,

The public Veracity repository has been updated. It now requires a 2.0 binary to clone.

Private Repository Hosting

Hosting for private repositories is now available at

New Core Features

Noteworthy Bug Fixes

Notes for Veracity 2.0 Beta Users

The 2.0 beta release on Windows will need to be uninstalled before the final build can be installed. Your repositories and configuration data will remain intact.

Notes for Veracity 1.x Users

Teams using Veracity should all use the same major version. 2.0 clients only work with 2.0 servers and 1.x clients only work with 1.x servers. Teams should move to 2.0 together.

Other minor issues that might affect a small number of upgraders:

Platform Support


The following operating systems have been tested:





Veracity works best in one of the following browsers:

Known Issues in Veracity 2.0

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