Veracity 1.5 Release Notes

Veracity 1.5 is now available for download at

It has been tested on the following platforms:




New Features since Veracity 1.1

Tortoise Interface for Windows

GUI addicts rejoice! The Windows installer includes a tortoise-style shell extension. Check out the getting started tips.

If you'd prefer not to see Tortoise features on Windows, you should install from the Windows zip archive. We'll make it optional in the installer in a future release.


The web interface now includes a markdown-based wiki. The pages are stored in the same distributed repository as your source code and work items.

Noteworthy Bug Fixes since Veracity 1.1

Notes for Veracity 1.0 Users

If you have repositories that were created with Veracity 1.0 (but not 1.1), they will need to be reindexed. When Veracity notices, it will tell you:

You need to 'vv reindex'.

If you want to be proactive, you can 'vv reindex --repo my_1.0_repo' before you see this message.

Known Issues

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