Veracity 0.9.1 Release Notes

0.9.1 Release Notes


Veracity 0.9.1 is now available for download at


Backward Compatibility

For roughly the past year, we've said that Veracity is not ready for hosting real projects unless you're very patient. This was mostly because we thought we might still change a repository storage format in ways that might not be backward compatible. We're not saying that anymore. We're confident there will be no breaking changes in the future. You can be confident that a repository created with Veracity 0.9.1 will work with any future release.


The Usual Suspects


Getting Veracity



Since the last drop, we've added support for modules - collections of server and client-side code which will eventually

support different workflows, agile methodologies, probably even (shudder) waterfalls. We've begun moving much of

Veracity's own web interface out into a "scrum" module already.


From the user's point of view, nothing has changed; but those of you transitioning an existing Veracity 0.9 (or earlier)

installation will need to exercise just a bit of caution when running a new build for the first time.


See for full instructions on migrating existing repositories for module support.


Veracity Q&A site

The link above stole my thunder, but nonetheless: we've launched a veracity Q&A site at One might consider this a more (ahem) modern alternative to the mailing list, but we'll continue to provide support on both.

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