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An answer to this question was to run the following command periodicity to keep two servers in sync:

vv pull --dest <repo_name> && vv push --src <repo_name> --force

Is this the best way to keep two veracity servers in sync? Would there be any problems if some people push/pull to one serve and some push/pull to the other?

asked Nov 17 '11 at 08:18

Jace%20Browning's gravatar image

Jace Browning

edited Nov 17 '11 at 08:23

It might not have been totally clear on the other question, so I'll repeat it here.

Syncing multiple servers (using this command or using Veracity Sync) has one wrinkle: it's possible to get multi-headed branches without warning. It's not a big problem, just something to be aware of.

Alice pushes a change to master in repo A. Before the sync, Bob pushes a different change to master in repo B. After the sync, master has two heads even though nobody was warned when they pushed.

When this situation arises, somebody will simply need to do the merge, preferably Alice or Bob.


answered Nov 17 '11 at 08:45

Ian%20Olsen's gravatar image

Ian Olsen ♦♦

That "wrinkle" does concern me. I think I'll stick to one "server" for now.

(Nov 18 '11 at 11:55) Jace Browning

No, no problem at all. We actually do just that on our development team's servers. We always have both a Windows and Linux server getting regular use, and they sync version control, work items, and wiki pages every few minutes. Some of us typically use one as our main sync point, some use the other.


answered Nov 17 '11 at 08:25

Paul%20Roub's gravatar image

Paul Roub ♦♦

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