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I wanted to try Veracity out on an existing codebase, but could not find how to import an already existing repository to Veracity.

How can I import an existing SVN or CVS repository (preferably with full change history) into Veracity?

asked Aug 05 '11 at 07:58

Roland%20Tepp's gravatar image

Roland Tepp

edited Aug 23 '11 at 09:17

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PaulE ♦

Coming from the other "direction", how can import an existing repository from Vault?

(Aug 05 '11 at 09:55) acbova

I am currently working on support for Git's "fast-import" format.

This format is, well, a little bit Git-specific, but it is becoming somewhat of a de facto standard for interchange of version control data. There are converters available for exporting into this format from CVS, Subversion, Git, Mercurial, Bazaar, and Perforce.

Veracity's support for fast-import is not yet complete, but it is moving along nicely. The public repository has the code, but it is not in the master branch. Switch to the "git-fast-import" branch and you'll have it.

Current status of the code:

I have successfully imported the Perl repository (with 24 years of history) into Veracity.

I have exported three different Veracity repositories and successfully imported each of them into Git.

I have used hg-fast-export to export the Mercurial repository into git's fast-import format, and then successfully imported the result into Veracity.

I still need to merge this code into our master branch. And then SourceGear QA needs to give it a look. Sometime after that it should find its way into one of our released builds.


answered Aug 05 '11 at 11:30

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Eric Sink ♦♦

edited Aug 20 '11 at 17:44

In case my question was not clear, I wanted to know if someday I would be able to import into Veracity from Vault. To do this based on your answer I guess Vault would have to support exporting with git fast-import. If that is in the works then I guess I am very satisfied.

(Aug 05 '11 at 12:43) acbova

I like this answer but I'll wait accepting it until the feature you've described is fully implemented. Feel free to update this answer or post another with the full description of the process as soon as it is fully implemented

(Aug 05 '11 at 14:48) Roland Tepp

For the impatient, there is a blogpost about how to test this feature until it gets released in v1.1:

(Sep 20 '11 at 02:24) Roland Tepp

I have not been able to find an easy way to export to this format from svn. If someone knows a simple win32 binary or a step-by-step guide, I'd be interested.

(Oct 09 '11 at 10:48) Inca

As of version 1.1, veracity supports fast-import feature that allows importing existing repository content from one vcs system to another (Veracity in this case). Check out the grizly details in the version 1.1 release notes

(Jan 06 '12 at 05:09) Roland Tepp
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