A comparison of the key features in DVCS tools
Veracity Git Mercurial Bazaar Fossil
Birth 2011 2005 2005 2005 2006
License Apache GPL GPL GPL BSD
Implementation C C Python Python C
Immutability Doctrine Conservative Liberal Conservative Conservative Conservative
Revision IDs Local rev numbers, or hashes Hashes Local rev numbers, or hashes Local rev numbers, or pseudorandom Hashes
Formal Rename Yes Yes Yes
File Locks Yes plugin?
SHA-1 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
SHA-2 Yes
Skein Yes
User Accounts Yes Yes
Repository Storage Plugins Yes Yes
iPad Client Yes
Visual Studio Integration Planned Git Extensions VisualHG
Decentralized Database Yes
Bisect Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fast-Import Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fast-Export Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Rebase Yes plugin plugin
Submodules Planned Yes Yes ?
Pervasive JSON Flavor Yes
Integrated Web Interface Yes Yes Yes
Embedded Scripting Language Javascript (Python) (Python)

(cut-down tcl)

Tortoise-ish Yes Yes Yes Yes
Popular Hosting Site onVeracity github bitbucket Launchpad chiselapp
Bug-Tracking Yes Yes
Scrum Burndown Charts Yes
Build Tracking Yes
Wiki Yes Yes